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Standard Wash

With superior cleaning and built in antibacterial properties, these are the perfect products for washing all varieties of rugs and horse ware, this product will not damage the delicate material or turnout rugs or effect the waterproofness. 

Avaliable in a range of scents to include cotton fresh, mint & tea tree, lavender, cherry bomb & citrus zing. 


Sensitive Wash

Designed specifically for horses with a sensitive coat or skin with antibacterial properties.

150ml - 200ml per rug depending on soiling.


Fleece Wash

The perfect wash for getting your fleeces like new again. With antibacterial and anti static properties making it easier to remove those pesky bits and hair that tend to stick to fleece material.

New Merino & Wool-01_edited.jpg

Merino & Wool

Specially formulated to protect natural fibres like wool and cotton. Revives tired wicking fibres.

New Expel-01_edited.jpg


An effective wash in laundry treatment when viruses, mould, fungal and infections are of concern. Can also be made up into a stable and yard spray.

Recommended 250ml per rug

New Laundry Powder-01_edited.jpg


The perfect product for washing stable rugs, numnahs, boots and bandages. This commercial grade non-bio powder will remove even the heaviest soling . Not suitable for outdoor rugs.

All of our liquid washes are available in a variety of sizes, ready to use or concentrated.
1, 5 or 25 litre ready to use.
1 litre concentrate which makes 5 litres.
5 litre concentrate which makes up 25 litres -
just add water! 
All washes and powder are designed to be used at 30 degrees or below

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